The Wild Wonders Foundation supports initiatives that aim to reveal the beauty and importance of our natural heritage as well as the conservation issues this heritage is facing. Initiatives that strive to use the emotional power of photography, videography and other media, to promote nature conservation.

Combining facts and common language with strong imagery to communicate conservation messages to large audiences.

Powerful photography and videography should be used more, as it is a successful tool for creating wide public interest in the safeguarding of species and habitats, and for raising financial support for all of the big conservation campaigns of our times.

The Wild Wonders Foundation is a Fundraising foundation under the aegis of the County administration (Länsstyrelsen) in Stockholm, Sweden. We help raise funds for specific conservation communication projects that we identify on an ongoing basis.

Fully in line with the legal requirements of Swedish law, our activities are audited on a yearly basis by a certified auditor, and a yearly report and tax declaration produced and delivered to the County board.

According to our “Deed of foundation”, our goal is to:
”Further communication efforts about how the situation is, could become and could have been, for our natural heritage, the biodiversity, the people and the environment on Earth. Also, to promote direct nature conservation efforts to safeguard biodiversity, sustainable development and the Planet’s continued survival.