The Foundation

The Wild Wonders Foundation supports initiatives that aim to reveal the beauty and importance of our natural heritage as well as the conservation issues this heritage is facing. Initiatives that strive to use the emotional power of photography, videography and other media in favour of conservation.

Combining facts and common language with strong imagery to communicate conservation messages to large audiences.

Great photography and videography has been used as a successful tool for creating wide public interest in the safeguarding of species and habitats, and for raising financial support for all of the big conservation campaigns of our times.

Despite this, the much needed budget for communication, for the production of project-specific, top-class photography and videography, is often not granted to today’s conservation initiatives.

At the same time, many people still don’t know about the peril that species and habitats around us are in, nor about their mere existence.

About their beauty, their natural history or their importance for our own wellbeing.

Strong visual communication can close this gap and help preserve biodiversity on a global scale.